Phra Rahu Counteract bad luck turns into good Luck Solve Financial problems 拉湖 克制霉运 把恶运变好 解决生意/财经上难题

Wat Srisathong

Phra Rahu (Eclipse God Deity swallowing the Moon) Phra Rahu is an Asura Deity who swallows the Moon in Buddhist Cosmology. Pra Rahu is seen to be very important in getting rid of the extremely negative influences . Phra Rahu seen as one of the most effective and needed ways to counteract the bad luck and financial problems.He is also believe to be able to get rid of all the bad people around you the hypocrites,backstabbers,Etc.


Details:This is believed to be good for  
招财开运 :Brings you great luck
带来生意:Improve your business
提升人缘:Improve Metta
带来富贵:Brings Prosperity to you
去除霉运:Get Rid of Bad Luck
驱走小人:Get rid of hypocrite/Backstabbers
保护远离危险/邪灵:Protect from Dangers and Evil Spirits

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