Improve Your Luck By A 100 Folds Bull Tanoo by Late Famous Kruba Keow Ma 提升运气百倍 著名老师傅古巴娇马大师 好运护身牛

Early Batch Bull Tanoo By Kruba Keow Ma
Bull Tanoo by Kruba Keow Ma can clear all obstacles in life as it will knock away all bad things that is blocking you.
1) If you have financial difficulty a road to solving will open up to you如果遇到财经上的问题他会帮你开条明路来
2) If someone wants to cheat yo or cause harm you will sense it and prevent it from happening.如果有人要欺骗伤害你你会有所感应避免坏事发生
3). Facing Obstacles Backstabbers Hypocrites at work they will knock those people away from you. 如果碰上阻碍小人强你功劳的人他会帮你撞开他们。
4) Unable to close a business deal or close a sales.Bull Tanoo will help bring the client back to you.无法谈成生意或销售不到物品。神牛会帮你把他们带回来和你完成交易
5) Facing Legal Problems Bull Tanoo Will help you make them go away.如果遇上法律上难题神牛会帮你把问题解决或变小
6) If you feel threatened, your enemy will backoff, they are unable to harm you.如果觉得有威胁你的敌人会退开无法伤害你 
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