SangKaTang What Is It All About ? 桑卡唐是什么 ?

Offering Of Food To Buddhist Monks (Tak Bat)
Nowadays, “Tak Bat” or offer the food to monk is daily life of Thai people. Thais believe the good result of Tak Bat will get health, long life, abundance, success and happiness that after Tak Bak you should libation and dedicate the merit to yourself, your family, friends, teachers, sacred thing and enemies from a former life.

Donation Of Daily Utensils Monk Robes Etc 

SangKaTang is The Offering, gifts or food presented to the Buddhist monks.
1. Obtain Luck and Success 

2. Removes obstacles

3. To devote for the deceased, persons with previous deeds on each other, SumPhaWeiSee (a spirit awaiting rebirth) and one’s world mate.
Helping Others = Helping Yourself 
帮助他人= 帮助自己