We Invite Everyone To Get Your Fish Liberation (Release) Done With BestThaiAmulets.Com 我们欢迎各位和我们一起放生

Fishes Will Be Release To Temple Pond Where It Will Have A Safe Environment To Live In 
Believed To Be Good For :
Attaining Merits 累积功德
Obtaining Luck & Success 得到好运成功
Blessing Of Good Health 保佑身体健康
Clearing Of Bad Luck 去除恶运
Clearing Of Bad Karma 减轻业障
Bless Longevity 保佑长寿
Avoid Disasters Obstacles 远离灾难障碍
Brings Peace & Prosperities Into Your Life 平安平静生活
Allows You To Accumulate More Fortunes 让你能累积更多财富
Can Be Done In The Name Of The Deceased Aborted Child To Pass The Merits To Them To Bless Them With A Better Afterlife & Reincarnation 
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