Late Kruba Keow Ma Hoonpayong !!! Protection,Business Luck,Luck in all aspects 代控灵大师古巴娇马师傅制作魂帕勇 招财开运远离危险小人

The Late Kruba Keow Ma famous for his amulets with special yin materials like bones,bone ashes,Nam man plai.He also created the hoon pa yong amulet which is able to protect its user from harm ,evil,dangers and improve the luck of the user in all aspects.He is the top master in spiritual control in his time.
过世的一代控灵大师古巴娇马师傅著名于制作有各种阴料例如骨头,骨灰,尸油 等等的牌。他也制作出魂帕勇牌可以保护主人远离危险,邪灵以及提升善信各方面的运气及人缘。
Details:This is believed to be good for 
招财开运 :Brings you great luck
带来生意事业顺利:Improve your business/Career
让人尊重你让你更有威严:Authority & Respect from people
提升人缘:Improve Metta
保护主人远离危险:Protect from Dangers
远离小人:Avoid & Get rid of Hypocrites Backstabbers
远离邪灵:Protect Against Evil
Proper Method Of Use & Katha Would be Taught

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