Collector’s Item Late Kruba Keow Ma Kumantong Hon Payong


By the Late Kruba Keow Ma
Rare Collector Item.
This was when Kruba was still making his own amulets.
Cause many of his amulets after a certain age are not made but just blessed by him.
If your a Kruba Keow Ma collector your should know this is very hard to find.
Name: Hoon Pa Yong Kumantong

Details:This Hoon Pa Yong Kumantong Amulet is believed to be good for

1.Wealth Attraction
2.Bring Prosperity
3.Improve Metta
4.Good Luck in Game of CHance(4D,Toto,Etc) 
5.Improve Sales/Business
6.Grant your wishes
7.Protection against evil & dangers

Proper Method Of Use & Katha Would be Taught

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