Kruba Keow Ma Bone Iper Amulet~~Rare!!! Early Batch

Kruba keow Ma of Wat RongDoo,Payao province. LP studied about Vipassana Meditation follow Kruba Sriwichai who has deep knowledge of Visha and is highly respected in Thailand. Kruba has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. He is well-known and popular for his knowledge in both Dharma and Visha (supernatural arts). Many people have related special occurrences whilst wearing amulets consecrated by this Guru Monk. Before every day, many people go to meet Kruba. They need for his help. They believe Kruba has power securing good fortune in business and Great Attraction Metta .
Kruba Keow Ma passed away in 2007.
Name: Bone Iper

Made and Blessed By the Famous Late Kruba Keow Ma
Details:ThisBone Iper Amulet is believed to be good for

1.Improve Business
2.Improve Attraction
3.Improve Wealth Luck
4.Improve Sex Appeal
5.Improves Sales
6.Grants your Wishes

Proper Method Of Use &  Katha Would be Taught 
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